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Epic On-Leash

 You need a well-trained dog, and you need it fast. The Epic On-Leash training program is the fastest way to get a fully-trained dog, with complete results in just ONE WEEK! Put an end to embarrassing dog problems by maintaining control and developing a trusting relationship with your dog so you can start living an Epic Dog Life. 




Epic Off-Leash

Free your dogs from their leashes! Sure there are leash laws, but those are for the dogs without Epic training.  The Epic Off-Leash training program guarantees a happy fully trained dog, and our Epic Dog Trainers will will ensure that you can keep the results. Our program provides you with peace of mind and improved quality of life for you and your dog, leashes not required! 


Epic One-All-In

 Much more than your traditional dog training program, you and your family go one-on-one with an expert Epic Dog Pro dog trainer and experience the life with your dog that you always dreamed of.  Want to teach your dog to swim? surf? skate? or dive? Need your dog trained and certified to perform a unique service?  The Epic One-All-In is the ultimate dog training experience.

What You Get

What’s Included

Guaranteed Results

Our Dog Training Programs are results guaranteed! We specialize in showing dog owners how to keep the results & include 1 Free Year of Group Classes!

We Train All Dogs

We teach all dogs to sit, down, come, place, heal, off, quiet & wait. We also focus on jumping on people, digging, scratching, chewing& biting, begging, separation anxiety, crate training & potty training!

Your Dog Will Listen

In 2-3 weeks we will train your dog to be fully obedient around distractions! Your dog will listen inside your home and out in the real world!

We Help With Behavior Issues

We can also help with all types of aggression.
We also help dogs with fears, phobias & anxiety!
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What Our Clients Say

I am so impressed with how well my dog’s are after just one lesson. Thank you Epic Dog Pros so much. I have hope of keeping my family together now!

James Stevens

Dylan utilizes smart media such as streaming video so you can train at your own rate. This brings dog training and ownership into the 21st century!!!
Excellent work. Dylan is a dedicated and masterful trainer. Your dog is in good hands here!


Kyle Simmons