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Online Interactive Platform

Learn how to train your dog with our virtual training platform coming January 2019

Currently you can enjoy Free Dog Training Videos on our Youtube. We offer Trainer Cam, a unique view on start to finish dog training. Our Group Class & Pack Walk videos are truly EPIC showing off our happy clients maintaining the results. Our Shows & Events are amazing as we socialize with the public. We are currently developing a virtual training program to teach you step by step how to train any dog. Currently offering a Free E Book to teach you how to train your dog step by step!

Protection Dog Package

Looking For Orange County Executive Protection Dog Training Services? Epic Dog Pros specializes in bringing the highest level of obedience and protection to the dog owner. Our clients should expect nothing less than an outstanding dog. We pride ourselves on obedient dogs around distractions and a protection dog that you can count on when you need them. Vince Shields Expert Protection Dog Trainer will work with you 1 on 1 or at Protection Dog Group Class to get you the results you need to protect you, your family or your business.

Aggressive Dog Package

Are You In Orange County & Need Help With An Aggressive Dog? The term “aggression” refers to a wide variety of behaviors that occur for a multitude of reasons in various circumstances. We service all types of aggression. Food aggression, red zone aggression, redirected aggression. Aggression training is a service we pride ourselves in being able to offer to our clients. Aggression is different for every dog and owner. Condition your dog to filter out distraction through gaining Attention and developing Clarity.

Service Dog Training

Orange County’s Top Dog Training Company For Service, E.S.A & Therapy Dogs. Emotional Support Animals are Different than a Service Dog. A Service Dog helps a person with a disability lead a more independent life. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA), a “service animal is a dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for a person with a disability.”

Epic On-Leash

 You need a well-trained dog, and you need it fast. The Epic On-Leash training program is the fastest way to get a fully-trained dog, with complete results in just ONE WEEK! Put an end to embarrassing dog problems by maintaining control and developing a trusting relationship with your dog so you can start living an Epic Dog Life. 




Epic Off-Leash

Free your dogs from their leashes! Sure there are leash laws, but those are for the dogs without Epic training.  The Epic Off-Leash training program guarantees a happy fully trained dog, and our Epic Dog Trainers will will ensure that you can keep the results. Our program provides you with peace of mind and improved quality of life for you and your dog, leashes not required! 


Epic One-All-In

 Much more than your traditional dog training program, you and your family go one-on-one with an expert Epic Dog Pro dog trainer and experience the life with your dog that you always dreamed of.  Want to teach your dog to swim? surf? skate? or dive? Need your dog trained and certified to perform a unique service?  The Epic One-All-In is the ultimate dog training experience.

What You Get

What’s Included

Guaranteed Results

Our Dog Training Programs are RESULTS GUARANTEED!  We specialize in showing dog owners how to keep the results! 1.5 million dogs get rescued every year and over half get returned. It’s not enough to show a result, you have to show how to keep the result. It’s a process of showing the magic trick and then teaching how to do it!


All Inclusive Programs

We Give 1 Year of Group Classes!
We Give 1 Year of Pack Walks!
♥️We Give 1 Year of Behavioral Insurance
We Give a E Book: The Secrets Of Dog Training
We Show YOU How to Keep the Results!

We Provide A Safe, Fun & Supervised Community For Active Dog Owners To Maintain The Dog Training Results Through Group Class, Pack Walks, Relay Races, Obstacle Courses, Events & Much More!

How It Works

It’s Simple, We Come Out Every Day (2-3 Weeks On Average)

Phase 1 We train your dog Monday -Friday (1 hour sessions daily)

Phase 2 We show you how to keep the results!

Phase 3 You come to group class & pack walks to test your skills & maintain results!

Trainer Cam!

We Offer TRAINER CAM to Show Our Dog Trainers Training Your Dog From Start To Finish.

Join A Community Of Active & Responsible Dog Owners & See What Everyone Is Talking About. Be EPIC or be Average!

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Get Started


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What Our Clients Say

My dog Jax just finished his 3rd week of training and my husband and I attended our first group training with Epic dog pros. We contacted Epic dog pros because Jax is a rescue dog that needed a focused behavioral based training program. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Our trainer Cynthia truly  cares about dogs and took Jax in for training like he was her own. She has honestly done a great job and I highly recommend her. The training is behavioral based and can seem a little bit overwhelming at first, but Cynthia helped put us at ease because she is very knowledgeable, compassionate and shares that love for the animals in which all of us dog owners can relate. I highly recommend Epic Dog Pros and want to recognize Cynthia because she has done a wonderful job with my dog Jax.

Bailey M.

I don’t normally do Yelp reviews but the success I have had withe Epic Dog Pros has motivated me to do so. I have a black Lab that has severe anxiety issues with both people and other dogs. Carissa a trainer with Epic has totally changed her behavior to the point that she will now go up to other dogs without an issue and allows people she doesn’t know come up to her and pet her. This was accomplished in 5 sessions. We had tried other trainers without any luck. I highly recommend Epic Dog Pros and Carissa.

Linda H.

We had Arturo train our 4 month old black Labrador. She came back to us with all the basic commands covered. She sits, stays, lays down, goes to her place, etc and holds the commands for a good length of time with little correction. Our neighbors were all amazed. Arturo was very responsive to all our questions and concerns we had. He thoroughly explained what was expected of us and our dog. He was hands on showing the training commands and made sure we were comfortable handling our puppy. I know it was a very positive experience for our dog, Ash, as she was so excited to see Arturo after a week of separation. To me that says a lot as to how our dog was treated in his care. It was a very positive experience for our family and highly recommend the program and especially Arturo. Thanks so much for the positive experience. We will continue to do the group classes to reinforce all she has learned and will continue to learn.

John S

My experience was great!  I have a very smart, but stubborn Pomchi. She is a shelter dog.  She had become aggressive in an attempt to protect me.  She went after anyone who came to the door.  After 3 weeks with Aurturo, she’s still stubborn, but following commands and her aggression went from 100% to about 10%.  I can’t say enough things positive about the training we both received.  We will be attending the group meet ups to reinforce the training.

Kathleen I.

We had a great experience with our dog trainer Arturo. He gave us a lot of advice on how to inter act with our dog. Foxxy was very aggressive but now she follows commands and she is getting better with other dogs. Thank you and really recommend dog training with epic dog pros.

Jorge P.

Our trainer Carissa was amazing! We have two Pitbull/St Bernard dogs that are 4 years old. Taking them on walks used to be horrible. We always had to turn away when saw other people or dogs coming our way. Our dogs would growl and bark and pull us when anybody would get near us. Now, after only a few months of training they can successfully walk by people with no issues and they make other people’s dogs look like the crazy ones. She was so attentive, caring, and patient with them. We would definitely recommend her and the whole staff at Epic Dog Pros!

Brittney O.

Epic Dog Pros are amazing!!! She took my very stubborn Yorker and in 2 weeks he can walk off leash and be trusted!! He will recall from a long distance on the beach with the distraction of other dogs and seagulls!!! Im still trying to believe what I’m seeing!!!!! Thank you Carissa!!

Alison M

Carissa has been absolutely amazing with us and our fur child! She taught us how to properly train Winston but also loves Winston like he is her own! Epic Dog pros is the way to go! They go above and beyond to train and support families in the training process!

Heather M

If you have a crazy busy schedule and want a well trained pet, customized service and a trainer that comes to you; this is the place. Arturo was our trainer and he was amazing. Patient but firm with our lab and very informative for us.  I knew my dog was in good hands and our dog is much more responsive to commands.  What is really great about EDP is the ongoing practice you get. They have dog walks and training sessions almost every weekend in HB. You get to practice what you learned, keep learning and meet other dog owners. They really do have a great thing going.

Cassandra W

I am so impressed with how well my dog’s are after just one lesson. Thank you Epic Dog Pros so much. I have hope of keeping my family together now!

James Stevens

Dylan utilizes smart media such as streaming video so you can train at your own rate. This brings dog training and ownership into the 21st century!!!
Excellent work. Dylan is a dedicated and masterful trainer. Your dog is in good hands here!


Kyle Simmons