Looking for The #1 Dog Training Company In Orange County California? The EPIC DOG PROS Train Dogs in The OC For On & Off Leash Obedience Results. We Help Dog Owners Who Need Service Dog Training or Emotional Support Dog Training. We Are Proud To Announce We Have A New Facility in Irvine For Advanced Obedience Dog Training, Protection Dog Training & Agility Dog Training Programs! Please Call Our Customer Service For More Info. Our Number is 949-424-5711 We Get Every OC Local Dog Owner Started With A FREE Consultation To Find A Program That Fits Yours Needs & Goals. We 100% Guarantee Results As Well As Provide Weekly Group Classes & Pack Walks To Maintain The Results!
?The EPIC DOG PROS Guarantee Results!
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?We show YOU how to keep the results!
?Learn Step by Step How To Train Your Dog!
?The EPIC DOG PROS Guarantee Results!
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?Learn Step by Step How To Train Your Dog!
?The EPIC DOG PROS Guarantee Results!
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?We show YOU how to keep the results!
It’s not enough to show a result, you have to show how to keep the result. It’s a process of showing the magic trick and then teaching how to do it!
We Built A Community Of Active & Responsible Dog Owners. Come Out & Meet These EPIC Individuals & Their Dogs!
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We have the Largest Group Class/ Pack Walk in Orange County California not to mention we are the #1 Dog Training Company in The OC!
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The Epic Dog Pros have started a movement of dog owners who show off their skills every week!
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In The Dog Training Booklet: The Secrets of Dog Training, we want to simplify the process of training your dog and living an Epic Dog Life! We believe that once you accept your role as an active and responsible dog owner our instructions will help you prevent & anticipate bad or embarrassing behaviors from occurring.

Bottom line your dog is either impressive or embarrassing. When you are out in public with your dog you will be judged 2X! The 1stis the immediate impression you make on the public. Is your dog pulling you, barking at people, dogs, cars, etc? Or is your dog walking by your side, calm and under control? First impressions are important with people as well as with our dogs! Apply what you learn in The Dog Training Booklet and save the stress of being embarrassed by your dog!

The second time you will be judged in public is when your dog reacts to something and gets out of your control. Babies cry in public all the time and we judge the parents based on how they react. Did the mother calm the baby down, get control of the situation and be an active parent? Or did they pretend that the baby or child isn’t making a scene take no action to get control? This is the same basic judgment people make every day about dog owners!

It is your job as an active and responsible dog owner to keep your dog’s attention and focus out in public or around distractions. Your dog is either in a state of Reacting or Observing. Does your dog react to distractions or does your dog simply observe them?

The relationship between human and dog is similar to that of the President and the Secret Service. Most dogs, even the small ones will assume the role of the secret service, securing the perimeter around you, alerting you when anything is approaching the vicinity you are in. If someone knocks on the door or rings the doorbell they will react to protect the president in one variation or another. Your job is to let your dog be the President, “off duty” able to focus on whatever task they are doing. A task is a command like Sit, Down or Place. If you dog is off duty, they can simply observe rather than react!

Your job as an active and responsible dog owner is to be the secret service! Be aware when other people are approaching to keep your dog’s focus to prevent and anticipate the reaction from happening.

By reassuring your dog that no matter the distraction you will keep them safe, calm and under control they can experience the world and have a positive understanding.

I need to immediately address something as the word “reassuring” is going to make you think “human psychology” rather than asking “what is dog psychology and how is it different?” To reassure a human we typically show empathy for the situation and offer love, compassion, sympathy, etc. In dog training this is positive reinforcement during a negative experience or behavior. So when you use human psychology on your dog and tell them “it’s ok” when they are scared, anxious or reacting you are positively reinforcing the behavior; telling your dog “its ok to feel/act that way!”

Think of it like this. When you were a child and you got an A+ on a test you were rewarded with positive feedback! When you failed a test for the 1sttime you were shown love, understanding and compassion.

You were NOT told “Good Job! Its Ok!”

Giving your dog affection at the wrong time is DANGEROUS! Petting your dog when they are scared, anxious or reacting is the reason 1.5 million dogs get rescued every year and over 50% get returned. The Dog Training Booklet, is a guide to understanding your dog to help dog owners everywhere understand the simple tips needed to prevent bad behavior from happening that lead to over 750,000 dogs getting returned to the shelter!

Dogs are always in a state of learning and will continue to develop so make the most of it. Contact us for more ideas, tips, games, training solutions & whatever you need.

Please ask any questions you may have, and make sure you are on the right track!  Training a dog is like working out, if for the next 30 days you are doing crunches wrong, your result will not be perfect abs! We understand this is a process and we are here for you every step of the way. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. This is a basic guide to living with a dog. We urge you follow these instructions and stay in touch along the transition period to achieve maximum results!

To Achieve EPIC Success with The Dog Training Booklet, Join Our Community Online for Daily Tips, Training Videos, Motivational Stories and Lots of Exclusive Content to Help You Be EPIC!


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