When We Are Dog Training In Orange County The Most Common Questions We Get Asked Are About Giving Affection To Dogs. “Whats The Deal With Giving Dogs Affection?” “What Exactly Is Positive Reinforcement Dog Training?” “How Can Too Much Affection Be A Bad Thing?” In Short There Is A Difference Between Dog Psychology & Human Psychology. Giving A Dog Affection At The Wrong Time Can Develop Bad Behaviors With Your Dog. When You Reward Behaviors Like, Fear, Anxiety, Confusion, Nervous, Unsure or While Your Dog Is Barking Or Reacting To A Trigger You Are Reinforcing A Negative Behavior. 

Rules For Affection With Your Dog:

Only give your dog affection when they are doing things that you want. If you give your dog affection at the wrong time, then they will develop bad behavior. It’s important to limit your affection in early training to establish what is good behavior worth affection; and what is considered bad behavior that deserves no affection.  For example, pet your dog calmly when he is laying down. The best way to test your dog to see how they interpret affection is to wait until your dog is laying down and then go over and reward them. This is called positive reinforcement.

If you pet your dog when they are laying down and they react to your affection take your hands away like you just touched a hot surface. This on and off when you give affection. There are three parts to giving your dog affection when they are laying down.

Test yourself and your dog to see where you are at by doing as follows.

Part 1

When you first touch your dog, did they react?

Part 2

During continuous affection do they move, roll over, sit up, stand up, jump on you, get mouthy even biting you playfully? Do they do anything during the middle part here where you are giving continuous affection or do they stay in a down and stay calm?

Part 3

When you remove the affection. Do they get up and follow you to get more love? Do they stay in a down and not react to the removal of affection?

 Can you go from super excited lots of love to, “ok I’m done now, I got to go to work, bye!” and have your dog stay in a down, relaxed, off duty, retired, unaffected by you ending the affection.

This also applies to when you are going on a walk. Part 1 is getting ready for the walk, approaching the door to leave the house and walking through the door. How about getting to your car, opening your door and getting into the car. Or walking toward the entry at the dog park, getting to the gate to enter and then walking into the dog park. Think in 3’s when you are near a threshold.


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  1. Mrs. Rushmore Lucie M. RN

    Dylan has absolutely changed my dogs lives. We spend most of the summer paddle boarding, group classes and attending pack walks. My dogs now have more confidence and our bond has been strengthened. Dylan is an amazing dog trainer that will not only train your dog but educate you on how to keep the results so you can live an EPIC life with your dog. Cinder and Ellie thank you but mostly I thank you.

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