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About The Epic Dog Pros:

Dylan Maxwell Blau; Professional Dog Training Expert & Behaviorist / Public Figure / Mentor / REBEL / Life Coach. Dedicating his life to help dogs with a genuine motivation to do good.  He spent several years working directly with rescue dogs from the “kill list”. Dylan has rehabilitated thousands of dogs; training some of the most challenging cases from extreme aggression to dogs scared of everything.  His consistency & dependability is incomparable allowing him to do what others cannot. If you get the opportunity to work with Dylan the dog trainer, take notes; his knowledge & experience are profound. Dylan Blau has continued to get proven results. Dylan is a mentor to dog trainers & business owners empowering them to unleash their max potential. Dylan has worked with Celebrities, YouTube Influencers, Facebook Public Figures, Authors & other Social Media Celebrities!

Dylan Blau is on a mission to create change in an industry failing to solve its biggest epidemic! 1.5 million dogs get rescued every year & over half get returned. 2 million rescue dogs are killed every year!

“I believe the epidemic we see regarding dogs in shelters, comes down to one simple problem. The foundation for how we educate & empower the public is minimal, leading to a lack of knowledge & understanding. Most problematic behaviors are caused in the home from dog owners who are unaware what to do. I believe that by providing an interactive dog training experience where clients feel comfortable to learn & take part in the training will result in a lifetime of happiness for the owner/s and dog/s; reducing the amount of dogs in the shelters at the same time.”- Dylan Maxwell Blau


Vincent Shields Is a dog lover and consistently strives for greatness with his clients “Be EPIC or be average” is his moto. Vincent has been training dogs for 5 years and works his personal dog Olaf every chance he gets. Vincent served 5 years in the United States Marine Corps, deploying both to Iraq and Afghanistan. Honor Courage Commitment still hold strong in his core values living a life of service has lead Vincent to be a great person to work with for his team and clients. Vincent has worked with many law enforcement agencies nationwide gaining their trust and respect along the way.

Vincent is training to compete in PSA (Protection Sports Association) this 2018 season. He loves to decoy for client protection dogs, the sport dogs at the PSA club and law enforcement agencies at K9 trials. Working with dogs and people every day has given him an outlook on life that is contagious.

Vincent serves as part of the vital link between Dog and Dog owners. He expects you to be great and will ensure that you are. Vincent challenges himself to the limit while remaining attentive to the needs of the people he serves. He demands of himself all the energy, knowledge and skills he possesses, so that he can instill confidence in those he teaches both dog and human. He constantly strives to perfect his own skills, above all his integrity is impeccable and above reproach.

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